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Everything you loved about the iFetch, award winning, automatic ball launcher – now launching bigger balls!!

Bigger Dogs. Bigger Balls. Simply more fun! iFetch Too is a serious toy, for seriously fetch-crazy dogs! launching bigger balls! 



How does the iFetch Too work?

The iFetch Too is charged via a rechargeable battery that lasts up to about 300 throws before needing to be re-charged. With four difference distance settings, 10, 25, or 40 feet or random, its totally flexible for your pet & your available space. Once powered up, your dog drops the ball into the top of the unit and the ball is launched with power for your dog to fetch the ball & return to the unit.

Whats included in your iFetch Too?

Each iFetch Too comes with 3 standard-sized tennis balls. You can, of course, use normal tennis balls or nearly any ball that is 2.5 inches in diameter. The Planet Dog Glow Ball is our favorite alternative option. This ball works great when slobbery or wet, and launches nearly as far as a tennis ball when dry. The medium-sized Chuck-It balls are also a great option. However, the medium Chuck-It ball will not launch as far because it is slightly smaller and heavier than a regular tennis ball. Keep in mind that the launch distance might be affected when using an alternative ball. The iFetch Too comes with a rechargeable battery and charging cable, so this means itÕs fully mobile to be taken outside the home to parks, beaches etc.

 Are the iFetch products safe for dogs?

When introducing your dog to the iFetch or iFetch Too, we recommend that you teach him or her to stay behind the product (or to the side of it) as the product prepares to launch. At its highest launch setting (9 meters feet for the iFetch, 13 meters for the iFetch Too), the product can toss the ball at speeds which could injure your dog, especially if they are standing directly in front of the product. While most dogs learn very quickly where to stand to avoid getting hit by the ball, adult human supervision is recommended until your dog is fully trained.  

How easy is it to train a dog to use the iFetch products?

If your dog already loves to play fetch, it should be pretty easy. Some customers have told us it took them less than 20 minutes (and a handful of treats) to teach their dogs how to use the iFetch, iFetch Frenzy, or iFetch Too. To make things even easier, we have put together some training tips and a short training video on goifetch.com.au.

 How are the iFetch and iFetch Too powered?

The iFetch is powered by being plugged into the wall using the included wall plug, or can be portable by using 6 C batteries. The iFetch Too has an internal rechargeable battery that charges in 12-16 hours.

 Customer Support Visit GoiFetch.com.au for more information

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